Publishing Services

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Manuscript Formating:

Formatting your novel for publishing can be a daunting task for any Independent Author. That’s why Crassula Press offers a Manuscript Formatting service for Indie Authors.

We will take the stress out of Independent Publishing and format your manuscript document into the correct font, font size, book size, and margin sizing for your chosen publishing method.

Does NOT include editing.

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Manuscript Assessments:

Here at Crassula Press we believe at putting your best foot forward when it comes to submitting your manuscript for publishing. That’s why we offer Authors Manuscript Assessments.

A Manuscript Assessment looks at the “big picture” of your novel. Including things like plot, character, pacing, point of view, dialogue, and setting; and look for any consistency issues or any areas that need improvement.


  • Two readings of your manuscript.
  • A report of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Reaction as a reader to story, characters and setting.
  • Suggested improvements: (please note that these are suggestions only, as the writer you must trust your own instinct regarding your story).

Time frame: 

    – Three weeks from receipt of payment.

Does NOT include editing.